“Principal Message For Student.”

Since its inception, the school has been able to build on the steady foundation of good values and the urge to excel.

1. The endeavor has always been to balance excellence in academics with creativity and compassion. The objective of education has metamorphosed with the passage of time and the need of the globe. At Police Modern School we prefer to create situations where a child challenges his own ability, hence becomes his own competitor and thus keeps improving and rediscovering himself.

2. It is the transformation of a school into an educational powerhouse that induces strength within each student to stand on his own. It becomes a source of light that illuminates the mind and soul of the students and spreads the fire of excellence and the warmth of compassion to the darkest crevices of humanity.


“Police Modern School Aims & Obective”

The primary aim of Police Modern School, Reserve Police Lines, Agra is to impart education for the holistic development of the Child.

1. Quality education, excellence in education and commitment to overall development of a child are of prime importance in our school. The School gives emphasizes on the value which help to promote confidence thinking skills of the students and lead them on the path of success and bright future.

2. Police Modern School provides education to children belonging to very poor strater of society. Here teachers inculcate the quality of love for education in students, nutures them without the fear of examination and home work.There has been continuity of purpose, underlying the change and development of the school, It has broadened its educational mission over the years, by creating on academic environment.


Police Modern, Reserve Police Lines, is affiliated with the central Board of secondary education (CBSE). which is the largest educational board in the country.


“Police Modern School EMBLEM”

The school's emblem shows rising seen, a tree and a boy holding a touch in his hand.

1.Rising run reflects the grounting in her light of a soul thought deep knowledge.

2. A green tree shows when a human being gets knowledge, he becomes fruitful for society, country and at last for the whole world..

3.A boy holding a touch presents the though of being an inspiration for all others and showing the world the path of humanity, truth and honesty.

4. Thu, Police Modern School's motive is to develop all faculties i.e., mental, physical and spiritual, of children and to make a child able achieve the aim of his life.


“Police Modern School CULTURE”

We feel proud to follow certain tractition in our school.

1.Always be friendly with one another.

2.Accept the work which is assighned to you as your rightful share.

3.Offer help to a visitor in the school campus.

4. Rise and greet when a teacher or a visitor enters your class room. Be crecuteares to and sporting with the opposing teams and officials on the field.

4. Be crecuteares to and sporting with the opposing teams and officials on the field.


Expert Instructors